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Use your website to manage your business processes efficiently – our hosting packages provide you with enough space to maintain your own secure “cloud” space so that your systems can be accessed by clients and team members alike.

Financial Packages

Invoice customers, make payments and keep track of your finances in real time using online packages that can be integrated into your website and accessed with different permissions by your clients and your staff. Integrate directly with your online shop or bookings system.

Time Management

Keep track of off-site or freelance workers using a time tracking system linked to your website. Create teams that can message one another. Develop joint presentation. Link this functionality to your website server and access through your website back-end.


Set up online reservation systems for your business – counselling, hairdressers, restaurants, etc – and integrate with your website. You and your team can keep track from any where with an internet connection.

WordPress APIs

CIT Web Solutions develop our websites in WordPress which has cutting edge APIs for literally thousands of Web Software Apps, so whatever you are using, we can integrate it into your website.