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Images are Vital to Attract Users to your Website

Using images on your website is vital, and the images you use can be the difference between a website that attracts viewings, builds trust and generates sales.

Reasons to use images on website

  1. Visual appeal
  2. Reinforce a point
  3. Create trust and confidence
  4. Convey information

1. Visual Appeal

Using an appealing image – your product looking fabulous, animals, food, people or gorgeous landscapes – immediately draws attention to your website and if you can direct that attention to the information that you want to convey you are onto a winner.

2. Reinforce a point

It is much easier to convey information using images and in general your website should convey the information in both written and visual form. For example, selling a product, the information, specifications, prices should all be written while a picture conveys how the product appears.

3. Create Trust and Confidence

People are much more confident in a product, place or team of people that they can see and photographs can really help build up the confidence that is missing for some people in online transactions.

4. Convey information

Sometimes an image is vital to convey information – for example if you are selling your product overseas and don’t have a translated version of your website, photographs will be the main source of imformation for visitors to the website.

Issues with Using Images on Websites

Using images effectively is not always as easy as it might appear and for this reason it is a good idea to choose a good web designer, ideally an agency that works closely with graphic designers and photographers like CIT Web Solutions. Pixelated, blurred, dull or inappropriate images are an instant turn-off for browsers who will bounce off your website very quickly if they find the pictures are unappealing, inappropriate or just irrelevant.

Things to Remeber when using Images on your Website

  1. Copyright and legal issues
  2. Stock images are bland
  3. Download speed
  4. SEO

1. Copyright and Legal Issues

If you are used to using social media, finding images might appear to be simple – just copy off the internet and re-use on your website – its like sharing, right? Absolutely not. Photographs are covered by copyright laws in exactly the same way as a book or painting. The same applies to website design and content. That means that the creator of the image – the photographer – retains all rights over the image and how it is used. Sharing is a different process from taking down an image and reusing it on a different website. Plus, both facebook and pinterest have been subject to numerous court-cases in different juristrictions regarding image copyright issues. They might be able to afford to challenge these, but you probably can’t!

But don’t worry – there are great websites that share photographs that share photographs with a Creative Commons licence – this means the creator/owner has waived their right to control over the image and so you can use it as you want. There are also numerous stock photography websites where for a fee you can buy a one-off licence to use an image.

2. Stock images are bland

Many websites are very similar and instantly forgettable. Bland design and the use of existing photographs from online providers can be to blame. Getting a good photographer to take photographs related to your business, organisation or service can be a really worthwhile investment and in CIT Web Solutions, this is a service we can include in our packages.

3. Download speed.

Photographs are more complex files and take longer to download. This can be partly overcome by correctly optimising the images for your website but if you want to upload a lot of images, this can be time consuming. Again, CIT Web Solutions have a lot of options for using images without slowing down your website which we can put in place for clients.

4. SEO

As yet the search engines, Google, etc, can’t tell what is in a picture so this can be a disadvantage if you are using a lot of images to provide information on your website. If can be overcome partially with good Image SEO but again, the ideal is a website well balanced between images and text.

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