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How do your customers want you to communicate with them? It’s an important question, and the answer might surprise you.Personalize Emails

It’s email, but most importantly, personalized emails.

Despite how some small business owners worry they might be “spamming” their customers when they send emails, email is actually the preferred channel of communication for most people. Surprising, right? Well, here’s another surprise: Nearly 80 percent of these consumers also expect communications to be personalized. With just a little bit of information—information you already have—it’s possible to send some very clever emails your customers will love. Here are five examples to get your ideas flowing.

Personalize based on how long it’s been since they signed up:

Consumers want companies to remember how long they’ve been a customer. This is good news, as that’s information you definitely have. Another piece of information you’ve got is how long it’s been since they signed up for your emails. With that information, you can craft an anniversary email.

Personalize based on how long it’s been since they completed a specific action:

You don’t have to just count from when someone became a customer or a subscriber. Any significant action will do. For example, MapMyFitness made a smart move and sent an email  with a picture based on how long ago the subscriber did something that was meaningful to them—a nice long hike. If you can pull the data together, adding personalized customer activity is a great way to help subscribers. Facebook ‘memories’ is an excellent example of this.

Send a happy birthday email:

If you aren’t sending birthday emails already, you should be. First, because it’s easy to get this information, but also because birthday emails generate really great results. According to Experian’s white paper, “The birthday and anniversary report”, birthday emails get 235 percent more opens and 300 percent higher click-through rates than typical promotional mailings.

Try a personalized image:

Don’t have a lot of information about your subscribers? Only got their first names? Then this tip’s for you. A first name is enough for an effective personalized image…though you could use any other piece of personalized information in an image, too. Using personalized images doesn’t tell people anything they didn’t know already, but it definitely gets their attention. We’re hardwired to notice when someone uses our name.

Personalize the body copy of the email:

This is another way to use very limited information (just the first name) but to do it in a way people aren’t expecting. Use the customers name throughout the email. People tend to read the beginning and the end of blocks of copy, so ensure that the customers name is used in the last sentence of the email.

You don’t need a massive investment in data management to send good personalized emails. Just a few pieces of information; first name, zip code, birthday, and time since first order, are enough to get your customers’ attention.

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