CIT Web Solutions offers complete packages as well as providing professional coaching in all aspects of sales strategies.

Business Coaching

CIT Web Solutions has vast experience in business coaching and development; ranging from business basics, business organisation, to expanding your business into a multinational company.  Our effective business coaching strategies focus on the tools that you really need to kick-start your business.  We can provide you with the necessary tools and business coaching expertise to maximize your sales.  Business coaching effectively develops your skills and enables you to implement them within your niche market.  Whatever the next step in your business development plan, the CIT Web Solutions business coaching service will help you get there faster and enable you to decide what path is best suited to you.  We will show you how to market your product or service to your target audience.  

How to Sell

As your customer base continues to expand, we will continue to coach you in all areas of product development and expansion.  CIT Web Solutions with its extensive knowledge of “how to sell” strategies will help you launch and develop your new product or service within your target markets.


Budgets for the overall project and each individual section.  Time frames for each part of the project, online and offline strategy implementation, market research – to help you establish your target markets and know what approach is most effective.  

Lead Generation

We help you find prospective clients within your target markets, follow up leads via phone or email and provide you with a professional and organised database; Increase your sales conversion rate –thanks to our sales and product development expertise, we will strengthen your existing and potential customer database.  


Whether you are a local company or an international business, CIT Web Solutions outsourcing service is a cost effective alternative to employing full time sales staff.  Our coaching/training effectively gives you the power and ability to manage and develop your business in the area needed.  Understanding is the key to  success because it gives you control and most importantly having informative information is the most powerful tool for your business.  Our coaching/training packages – we will coach you and develop your skills in the following areas;  Sales systems – A new and improved system in which allows your business to maximize your sale potential.  Offering the best value to your customers
we show you how to improve the whole process from start to finish.

  •  Planning a sales day to motivation and get the results, concept or idea
  • How do I transform my business concept into a product and launch it onto the market?
  • Fact finding – the art of listening how to create the best sale for your business
  • Communication – Effective customer relations Customer service – how to improve every customers experience
  • Closing sales -How to maximize each sale
  • Sales targets – how to increase your average order
  • Prospecting – how to effectively prospect for future clients.
  • Increasing the market share.
  •  Accessing target markets, Marketing strategies.
  •  Advertising – using your brain not budget.
  •  Web development – how to plan and develop your web, blog
  • Online marketing – how to develop an online strategy with the results you want.
  •  Using your web, blog newsletter, social media.
  •  Social media -How to set up and manage all.