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Client Testimonials are an extremely important part of a good sales website. For people who have arrived at your website through a google search or online link, they immediately create a connection as they will relate to other clients who have needed your service or product. Added to that the reassurance of seeing that people have found your company to be reliable and you may have moved the reader a step further towards becoming a customer. Don’t underestimate the impact of reading personal stories from real people with names – and, importantly, faces!


Make the best choice in Client Testimonials
Make the best choice

Testimonials provide confidence that selecting your business is a good move. For people who have searched specifically for your website following a recommendation, they provide an extra level of comfort. We all worry about being ripped off or buying a shoddy product and need some reassurance. When potential clients read about similiar businesses who have had a good experience working with you, they feel more comfortable in deciding to use your company.

Seeking Client Testimonials

Even if your existing clients love your service, they may find it hard to make the time to write you a testimonial. Make it as easy as you can. Request testimonials in a way that makes it super easy for them to respond.


Email is probably the best way to seek the testimonial, as clients can send their comments back in their own time. Using a sample testimonial is a great idea – ask clients if they could send something along the lines of an example that you provide.

Pen and Paper

Your client may also respond best to being asked to write a quick testimonial on paper following a meeting. It depends on their own style whether they would like time to consider their words or get it written quickly.

Social Media

Getting your customers to comment about your product on facebook or twitter is testimonial gold. You can embed or paste these comments into your website with links back to the relevent facebook page and everyone can see exactly who likes you (and that it’s not only your mother!) Some clients will find it easiest to add a review to your facebook page so remember to mention it as an option and send them a link.


Follow Up

Don’t be embarrassed to follow up if the client has agreed to give a testimonial but hasn’t responded, they may have forgotten. You did a good job, you deserve the recognition! Also you can offer clients that their testimonial will feature on your website with a link to their website. If you do another different piece of work of for a client – ask for a second testimonial – you may use it in the future.


Effective Client Testimonials


Quality Client Testimonials
Quality Testimonials

Client testimonials don’t need to be long – 2/3 sentences is plenty – but if they are short you may need to introduce your client and what you provide them with in more detail. Background detail about your client and their business story can be very effective, as can more information about what you provided for them. However, you don’t want to end up profiling another business on your website. If you are selecting an extract from a longer testimonial go for key words and phrases such as “reliable”, “value for money”, easy to deal with” and “I would recommend/ use again”.

When to Ask for Testimonials

Straight away! When you have completed a piece of work for a client is the ideal time to ask – don’t leave it too long. when you have just gone out of your way to make something easier for a client – it is definitely a good time. When you are meeting a client face-to-face you can easily ask them to jot a testimonial on a notepad, and it is difficult for them to refuse.

Images and Video

Clients might be reluctant to have their photo taken but it is really important to get that image! As people might be self conscious about how they look if you try to take a photo of them during a meeting, you can ask if they would mind if you use their facebook or linkedin profile picture – which they have uploaded themselves. Some clients are happy to talk to you potential customers by video but the result may not be quite as immediate as seeing a written testimonial with a photo.

Happy Faces

Remember, a neutral expression can look glum out of context. Smiling client photos are vital.
Would you be happier to buy from someone whose clients look like this?

Happy Client of Web Design Company

Or like this?
Clients of Web Design Company


Nice example

Gusto Client Testimonials
Gusto Client Testimonials

Gusto HR Software – photos of each business with a chort comment from the client links to a detailed client background, what Gusto provided and the outcomes.

Here are some lists of more good testimonial pages to have a look at and get some ieas for you business website. Then discuss your ideas with us at CIT Web Solutions.
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