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Research into Email Address and Website Presence Perception

Research carried out recently by the (IE Domain Registrar who manage the .ie Top Level Domain) shows clearly that having a website and email address linked to your business domain name has a strong impact on how your business is regarded. The report found that “almost two-thirds of Irish consumers—64 percent—have little to no trust in businesses that use free email addresses like Gmail and Eircom.” The research, conducted by Ignite, also found that consumers have four times more trust in a company that has a website (65 percent) versus one that does not (17 percent).

According to the iedr website, “Companies that do not have a website but use social media, like a Facebook page or Twitter account, to connect to their customers are still seen as less trustworthy, with 63 percent of consumers saying they had low trust in them.”

The Importance of your Email Address
Best Email Address

Email Address as indicator of trust

Commenting on the research, David Curtin, Chief Executive of IEDR, said:

“Our research reveals that consumers see professional email addresses and websites as indicators of trust and authenticity. For sole traders and SMEs, this is particularly important. Anecdotal evidence suggests that first-time customers are far more likely to contact the plumber or electrician who has a web presence, rather than the one who just has a phone listing. Investing in a website that lists contact details, services and prices implies openness, accountability and trustworthiness.”

The article also quotes Allister Frost, award-winning former head of digital marketing at Microsoft as saying that the company website should be the primary web presence with social media channels adding support “Every business owner should begin by creating a website to serve as their permanent home on the internet, under their control forever.”, he said.

Reporting on the research, Ciara O’Brien in the Irish Times noted “Despite programmes designed to encourage more businesses to get online, there are still a large number of firms, particularly small- and medium-sized companies, that do not have an online presence.”

Find out more about this fascinating research you can read the full article here.

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