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CIT Web Solutions is the smart choice for e-commerce websites. Whatever type of e-commerce you want to do online – donations, shops, subscriptions, bookings, deposits – we can integrate your current electronic payments gateway to your website or recommend secure e-commerce platforms suitable for your needs. And online ecommerce can help you get a solution that works easily for you and provide customised weekly, monthly or annual reports of your sales.

Payment Gateways

Online Shopping Cart

Payment Gateways differ in the way they charge and in how the operate, some work on a commission only basis, but may require the Client website to have an SSL Certificate. Others provide a complete service but charge annual fees. CIT Work with a number of Gateways who offer good value depending on the levels and frequency of sales.


Make money online with woocommerce

We have a lot of experience of using WooCommerce which is one of WordPress’s most fully featured storefront applications and have customised this very successfully for some of our clients. Equally, if you have a particular storefront or payment gateway in mind, we can provide tailored solutions. 

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