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A properly branded marketing campaign is one where print publicity, online marketing and social media – all reflect and reinforce one another.

Company Logo

Contutti Logo by Daragh Stewart

Branding is how people identify a particular business. It communicates the meaning of the business’ existence. It comes with a guarantee that customers will get quality products and/or services from that company. It is the representation of what the business stands for. Because of its importance, branding is one of most vital points of any marketing strategy; thus to create an effective marketing strategy means to know the business’ core identity. The key factors to consider are what the business is selling, its goals, its unique qualities and its own set of ethics and practices. All these should come together as a unified whole.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Sample Daragh Stewart

CIT Web Design work closely with graphic designer, Daragh Stewart – one of the most established designers in the Sligo/Leitrim area. Daragh has designed stunning brochures, packaging and other marketing materials for the Model Arts Centre, Hawkswell Theatre, IT Sligo and Sligo Leader. We can handle any of your graphic needs such as;  logo creation, banners, brochures, signs, business cards, illustrations and more.  We can make your business stand above the competition.

Bistro Bianconi Logo by Daragh Stewart
No Crows CD by Daragh Stewart
Irish Life Tours Brochure by Daragh Stewart