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Web Site Analytics

Analytics is the market research tool which has evolved especially for online marketing.  With powerful online analytics tools you can see exactly who is using your website and how they are behaving.  At CIT we know how to interpret the wealth of analytics data that your website generates.  How many of your visitors are genuine?  Where do they go and how long do they stay on you website?  What causes them to leave?

Targeting Audiences

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If you don’t analyse the current state of your website data, visitors, traffic and conversions, there is no way to know what areas need to be further developed or improved.  Ignoring web analytics is throwing away opportunities to improve not only the functionality of your website, but also to expand, focus or develop your product offerings to best meet the needs or your target market.  The insights from analytics tracking can be put to good use targeting specific audiences via online promotions, social media campaigns and advertising.  The resulting information can be used to target the demographic or geographic market that you want to reach to promote your business or community organisation.